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How to Stop Stegoloader and Other Types of Digital Steganography Malware

Back in 440 BCE, a Spartan king named Demaratus secretly warned an ally of an imminent attack by writing a message on the wooden back of a wax tablet, and then applying a beeswax surface to hide it. Not only did this clever move help thwart the attack, but it’s an early example of what would later be called steganography: the practice of concealing a message within another message. Well, fast forward about two and a half millennia -- and swap a world full of wax tablets to one full of digital tablets -- and cyber criminals have borrowed a tactic from the Ancient Spartan Royalty playbook by unleashing Stegoloader: a nasty new malware that hides within a PNG image file, so that it can covertly infect endpoints and raid businesses of their confidential data.

Israel Levy | 24 Jul | Read more

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