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​The Internet; our first ‘cyber Orwellian State’

The news that the Chinese government is toying with the idea of setting up ‘network security’ offices in some of China’s major internet companies may strike a somewhat Orwellian chord with some. The intention is to move quickly against potential illegal online behaviour, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

Thomas Booth | 07 Sep | Read more

How to hack a drone

This week the founder of Amazon- Jeff Bezos, has announced that the planning process for Amazon Prime Air is moving forward. Some speculate that this could be an elaborate PR stunt, with the amount of background and information available on the project. I am inclined to believe the plan, especially with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) beginning to relax laws on flying UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) at designated altitudes, with no penalties or crazy regulation.

Thomas Booth | 31 Jul | Read more

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