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MEDJACK: Hackers hijacking medical devices to create backdoors in hospital networks

After the Office of Personnel Management breach, medical data was labeled as the "<a href="">holy grail</a>" for cybercriminals intent on espionage. "Medical information can be worth 10 times as much as a credit card number," reported Reuters. And now to steal such information, hospital networks are getting pwned by malware-infected medical devices.

Darlene Storm | 09 Jun | Read more

Feds issue bulletin warning about malicious 'Google dorking' cyber actors

If you are good at research by using Google searches, does that make you a malicious cyber actor? Of course not, but DHS, FBI and NCTC (National Counterterrorism Center) have issued a bulletin warning about malicious "Google dorking" cyber actors. If using <a href="">advanced search techniques</a> on Google or Bing is considered suspicious, what does that make <a href="">Shodan</a> users who specifically target SCADA, ICS, VoIP, routers, switches, webcams and printers to name but a few?

Darlene Storm | 27 Aug | Read more

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