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AusCERT 2017 - The role of insurance in managing cyber risk

​You'd think, judging by much of the coverage you see in cybersecurity magazines and articles that we are in an ever-escalating arms race where the only course of action we have against threat actors is to get bigger, faster and more expensive technology. But that's like saying the only way to protect your home from burglars or a fire is alarm systems and bars on the windows.

Anthony Caruana | 14 Jun | Read more

AusCERT 2017 - Incident Response for the 21st Century Luddite

Anyone who has had a leadership role in IT knows that when discussions about disaster recovery and business continuity start, your work life is about to become either a lot more interesting or a lot more complex. The trouble is, when other business functions think about incidents that could impact business operations, they invariably draw their attention towards the technology they rely on.

Anthony Caruana | 13 Jun | Read more

Cybersecurity and the digital economy

A panel discussion at the recent Emerging Cyber Threats Summit, held in Sydney, looked at cybersecurity and the future of the digital economy. With more and more commerce and collaboration taking place digitally, there are great rewards but new risks that need to be considered.

Anthony Caruana | 13 Jun | Read more

AusCERT 2017 - The rise of the machines: AI and machine learning in infosec

While AI and machine learning are buzzwords, Symantec's Nick Savvides said, during this year's AusCERT conference they have been a big deal in computing circles since the 1950s. But it was in the 1980s when AI came into mainstream thinking a culture. It was movies like War Games and The Terminator, and TV shows like Knight Rider that took this important technology and moved it into mainstream consciousness.

Anthony Caruana | 05 Jun | Read more

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