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AISA Annual Conference wrap up

If there’s one word that summarises what information security professionals learned at the recent AISA Annual Conference it’s 'multi-factorial'. Although two-factor authentication isn't new, we need to think of security from a number of different perspectives.

Anthony Caruana | 15 Oct | Read more

What is identity? It’s not what you think

When an expert like Stephen Wilson, the Managing Director of LockStep - a firm concerned with strategic research and analysis in digital identity and privacy - says that we’ve been “banging our heads against a brick wall” when it comes to identity, it’s probably time to look up and pay attention.

Anthony Caruana | 15 Oct | Read more

The Security Odyssey

How do we know if we’re doing information security well? How far along the journey to information security nirvana are we and what does that place even look like? George Arronis, the Head of ICT Risk and Security for Serco Asia Pacific has some views on positive and negative trends he’s seeing.

Anthony Caruana | 10 Oct | Read more

Do what’s right – an interview with Dr Hugh Thompson

With a background as a teacher at Columbia University and a sought after security expert, Dr Hugh Thompson of Blue Coat systems gained notoriety in 2006 when he hacked the electronic voting system in Florida for a PBS TV special. He has founded security companies and written several books on information security that have become required reading at many software companies.

Anthony Caruana | 10 Oct | Read more

Red vs Blue – the security response war room

It’s no longer enough to operate your information security model solely in breach prevention mode. Recent penetrations of large companies like Google, RSA, Adobe and others highlights that even with all the best resources and people at your disposal, your business can be attacked and compromised by well-resourced and skilled technicians.

Anthony Caruana | 10 Oct | Read more

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