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AusCERT 2018 - Finding a monster by its shadow

Sometimes, you can't see the bad guy lurking in your systems. They might have been in, done their damage and disappeared like a thief in the night. But there's always some evidence if you look hard enough and in the right place. This is the world of supply chain, or shadow, attacks.

Anthony Caruana | 08 Jun | Read more

AusCERT 2018 - Cyber-insurance is a growing sector

Cyber-insurance in an area that is rapidly changing. Not only are insurers becoming more mature at assessing the risks and liabilities companies face when it comes to offering cover and calculating premiums, but the shifting regulatory sands mean businesses are also becoming acutely aware of the consequences of not having they cyber house in order.

Anthony Caruana | 05 Jun | Read more

AusCERT 2018 - The art of bug bounty programs

Bug bounty programs have become extremely popular over recent years. The idea is you release some software, either to the public or in a closed beta program and unleash a swarm of security engineers to find vulnerabilities and security problems in your application or service.

Anthony Caruana | 05 Jun | Read more

AusCERT 2018 - Awards

AusCERT's annual awards, sponsored by the SANS Institute, night kicked off in spectacular fashion with fire-breathing commedian/musician Brian Brushwood carrying out his own version of a penetration test when he hammered a nail into his head through is nasal cavity.

Anthony Caruana | 01 Jun | Read more

AISA 2017 - Dealing with the security skills shortage

At this year's AISA Annual Conference, a panel with Australia Post's CISO Kristin Lyons , Professor Jill Slay from the Australian Computer Society, Marco Figueroa the CISO from the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, and Tracy Hughes from Q1 discussed the issue of the skills shortage facing the cybersecurity industry.

Anthony Caruana | 12 Oct | Read more

Zerto pushing true business resilience in global roadshow

Speaking at Melbourne’s leg of the global ZertoCON roadshow - along with a number of key partners including Pronto, NetApp, Macquarie Cloud Services and Zettagrid - Zerto’s president Paul Zeiter spoke to how the business is moving away from traditional disaster recovery or business continuity, to a greater focus on resilience.

Anthony Caruana | 08 Aug | Read more

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