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The Case for Metadata Retention

The government's plan to force telecommunications providers to retain a set of metadata for every person has privacy advocates up in arms and police and security agencies telling us that this legislation is essential for fight crime in the 21st century.

Anthony Caruana | 24 Feb | Read more

Is crypto the enemy?

They say that if you live long enough you'll see history repeating itself. Certainly, that's true when it comes to fashion, music and even computer gaming with the trend towards retro games. And we're starting to see a a battle being fought again over encryption with British and US political leaders making overtures about banning or limiting the use of an important element of information security.

Anthony Caruana | 03 Feb | Read more

Thunderstrike Rootkit - Macs under threat

Despite a few security hiccups, Apple's OS X and iOS platforms have been generally very secure. While all users are potentially vulnerable to phishing attacks and identity theft, Apple's platforms have been solid. But that seems to be changing with the identification of a flaw in Apple's Thunderbolt ports that can used to write custom code into the Mac's boot ROM.

Anthony Caruana | 08 Jan | Read more

The Sony leak Scandal - What we know so far

In what has been one of the most momentous years in infosec ever - the Sony hack has topped everything. Although the Sony hack did not impact as many people directly as Apple's "goto: fail" bug or the Heartbleed exploit, the commercial and political ramifications of the attack on Sony have garnered more attention than any other attack - surpassing even the target attack in November 2013.

Anthony Caruana | 25 Dec | Read more

Privacy is a Business Disrupter

Although there's obviously a significant interest in privacy from a legal and compliance perspective, Vodafone's head of privacy, Stephen Deadman, told the audience at the recent IAPP Summit that there's an increasing focus on economics.

Anthony Caruana | 20 Nov | Read more

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