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Security Watch: Woolworths appoints CISO

Woolworths Australia has appointed former KPMG exec and security consultant Pieter van der Merwe as its first ever chief information security officer. Prior to van der Merwe’s appointment, Peter Cooper was responsible for the company’s cybersecurity protection but he has since moved on to GWA Group according to LinkedIn.

Anthony Caruana | 25 May | Read more

CIS delivers free resources for cybersec professionals

The Center for Internet Security, or CIS, is a not-for-profit body based in the US that was established in 2000. They provide benchmarks that are consensus based configuration guides created by experts on different technologies. These are configuration settings that can be used by anyone to assist with hardening their systems.

Anthony Caruana | 01 May | Read more

Cyber attacks against the US – the empire strikes back

John Carlin is an Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice in the US and runs the National Security Division. He is responsible for prosecuting cyber criminals in the United States that threaten the interests of the country. It was the first new litigation division created in 50 years and came from a recommendation of the 9/11 Commission and pulled together several different government entities that, until then, didn’t share information easily.

Anthony Caruana | 23 Apr | Read more

Automation key to defeating new adversaries

The Office of Personnel Management in the United States is responsible vast volumes of personal information. They’re responsible for the data relating to potential, current and past employees of the government. IT Security Operations Director Jeff Wagner is responsible for protecting this data against a constantly changing threat landscape. He’s taken a non-traditional approach to not only respond to threats in seconds with fewer resources, but also uncover previously hidden threats that were lurking on the network.

Anthony Caruana | 22 Apr | Read more

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