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Mobile Security Challenges

There’s been a massive focus on mobile security recently as the proliferation of smartphones and tablets and advent of BYOD has forced IT and security professionals to completely rethink how mobile devices and data are managed. Gartner’s Rob Smith looked at some of the challenges around mobile security at the Security and Risk Management Summit held in Sydney in August 2015.

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Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit – it’s about people and balance

Earl Perkins, Research Vice President in Integrated Security and Risk Strategies, opened the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel with a statement that summarises the current state of play in the intersection between technology, business and security. The conference theme, managing risk and delivering security, is founded on six principles that will allow businesses to deliver on business needs in an increasingly complex adversarial environment.

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Better security leads to simplification

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the infosec scene, it’s that there’s no single path great professionals take. For example, Rosie Jessop, the Head of Security for the Office of the CTO in the English government, started her working life as a neuroscientist.

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Crypto tells the bad guys what to target

As one of the architects of the popular PGP program, you’d expect Peter Gutmann from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Auckland to be extolling the virtues of encryption for protecting out data. Instead, he says “Encryption is the chicken soup of security, feel free to apply it if it makes you feel batter because it’s not going to make things any worse, but it may not make things any better either”.

Anthony Caruana | 06 Aug | Read more

The balancing act – security and flexibility

Winning the prize for longest title at the Technology in Government summits was “Collaboration, Control and Cyber security: How do you continue to provide mobile data access and collaboration in the age of BYOD while preventing data leakage and retaining control of data?” The roundtable session, hosted by Al Percival from Diligent, featured a number of senior managers from various government departments. On condition we didn’t reveal any names, we sat in on the discussion that looked at the balance between old and new technologies as well as the need for greater flexibility while maintaining security.

Anthony Caruana | 05 Aug | Read more

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