Stories by Anthony Caruana

AISA 2018: Hunting for phishing kits

During the recent Australian Cyber Conference, hosted by AISA, Qasim Khan - a cybersecurity specialist with one of the leading bank in New Zealand - discussed how he created a tool, called pkit finder, to search for phishing kits that have found their way onto servers. Using his tool, he has found about 3000 unique phishing kits an about a year.

Anthony Caruana | 19 Oct | Read more

AISA 2018: Careers in cybersecurity

During this year's AISA national conference, now renamed as the Australian Cyber Conference, a panel discussion with Lynwen Connick from ANZ, Rachael Falk from Telstra, Michelle Price from AustCyber and Vanessa Pegueros from DocuSign discussed their careers and what can be done to ensure there is diversity in our cybersecurity workplaces.

Anthony Caruana | 17 Oct | Read more

CSO Roadshow 2018: How do we build a secure IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) poses a significant challenge to IT security teams. Suddenly, instead of having users in control of the majority of end-point devices, the devices will out-number people by a factor of seven to one if analyst predictions are accurate. That means we need to think about how we secure our networks and these devices in new ways.

Anthony Caruana | 22 Jun | Read more

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