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Security-as-a-Service: IT's Dark Knight?

When corruption and chaos began to tear Gotham apart, the city turned to one of its own for protection. As Batman got stronger, so too did the enemy, and the fight raged on until near destruction point. IT has found itself in a similar position -- as hackers and attackers wreak havoc on the industry, businesses have been looking for a watchful protector to secure their assets. Is security-as-a-service the IT industry's Dark Knight?

Joe Lipscombe | 13 Aug | Read more

PRISM: Possibility in the privacy pitfalls?

Since the outing of PRISM, plenty of high-calibre spokespeople from the world that governs have spoken out regarding the high-level backlash of the reports. However, what has been fairly limited is information which is useful to Internet and phone users in other parts of the world, particularly surrounding local regulations.

Joe Lipscombe | 17 Jul | Read more

You have 1 new hack request

Social has arrived, but it took time. The crowds of people fluttering around the IT industry claiming to be social experts because they can define a 'retweet' and have 700-plus friends on Facebook has frustrated many, with companies struggling to get a real grasp of how social media and networks can effectively help power businesses into the next generation of trade and success.

Joe Lipscombe | 08 Jul | Read more

Target located: The growth of the targeted attack

In 1971, John Draper used a whistle, found in a cereal box, to reproduce a 2,600 Hz tone able to allow phreaks to make free calls -- wire fraud was born. This was a man acting on no other motive than personal gain, but how the game has changed. Just last year, oil giant Saudi Aramco suffered a very serious and very public cyber attack, which floored 30,000 machines. This was a very sophisticated and organised act of cybercrime.

Joe Lipscombe | 22 May | Read more

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