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What you should know about the Red October virus

In October of 2012, Kaspersky Labs discovered what could be the most powerful and complex computer virus to date. They are calling it Red October, after the submarine featured in the Tom Clancy novel and movie of the same name, because of the way that it has been lurking around for the past five years gathering top secret intelligence from countries all over the world.

Charles Trentham | 02 May | Read more

The Extinction of the Key: Mobile Security Taken to the Next Level

A curious thing is taking place in the world of technology. Over the past ten years the landscape of electronics and what we believed to be possible/impossible has drastically changed. We can purchase movie tickets via our smartphones while drinking our skinny lattes at a neighboring coffee shop. We can purchase that coffee through a credit system that the barista scans via our mobile devices. That same coffee can then be entered into our calorie counters through the same device where a warning may or may not be displayed telling us that we are dangerously close to our allotted calories for the day.

Charles Trentham | 06 Mar | Read more

Ransomware becoming more rampant

Anybody who has owned a computer for a long enough time knows how pesky, irritating, and sometime downright debilitating computer viruses can be, and from worms to Trojan horses, it seems like there is no end to the dangers that are out there on the internet.

Charles Trentham | 20 Feb | Read more

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