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A move towards cyber resilience in a world without borders

Late last year, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission chairperson, Greg Medcraft called for Australia to focus on "cyber resilience" to prevent destabilisation of financial markets. Coincidentally, a day later, the Australian Government announced the formation of a cyber security expert panel to review the nation’s cyber security efforts. This came in the wake of the Australian Signals Directorate reporting a 37 per cent increase in cyber security incidents on the previous year.

John Ellis | 15 Jun | Read more

Proactive Infosec

Are our investments in ‘information security’ aligned with today’s reality? It seems that every day there is a new security incident making headlines. has nominated the word ‘exposure’ as word of the year. The word exposure has been popularised by events such as Ebola, but more relevant to us in the world of ‘infosec’, data breaches and other related security incidents.

John Ellis | 01 Dec | Read more

A beer with a CISO

A few weeks back I caught up with a mate of mine who is a CISO for a major international bank. We try to make the effort to meet regularly, and I never pass up the opportunity to ask him some tough questions—an insight to the challenges, trends and priorities of the Financial Services Industry (FSI) is always valuable. These privileged relationships are extremely useful for keeping your finger on the pulse.

John Ellis | 22 Aug | Read more

SSL DDoS attacks - a growing trend

You've embraced SSL/TLS because, well that's what your security folks told you to do right? So the sensitive parts of your website are now protected with SSL. You might even be using client certificates to authenticate connecting parties. Sounds great, but now you have new threats to defend against - the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and application layer attacks over SSL.

John Ellis | 05 Dec | Read more

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