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Staged cyber schemes may help shore up 'weakest link'

Your PC is locked down with a strong, complex password when not in use, and your mobile devices are secured with a passcode. You have a cross-device security tool in place on your PCs and mobile devices to block unwanted traffic, prevent compromise from malware attacks, and protect your sensitive data. Even with the best of the best security measures in place, though, there’s still an Achilles heel that trumps it all—you.

David Jeffers | 01 Oct | Read more

Will you be more secure if you abandon Internet Explorer?

The German government is urging people to abandon Internet Explorer to avoid zero-day attacks currently circulating in the wild. Microsoft is scrambling to develop a patch to address the problem. The dirty secret, though, is the attack relies on Java being present, so Java--not Internet Explorer--is the Achilles heel of this equation.

David Jeffers | 19 Sep | Read more

Your PC may come with malware pre-installed

It is rare to find a new PC that doesn't come with additional bells and whistles in addition to the operating system itself. The "bloatware" that PC vendors add on often includes useful tools like third-party security software. It seems, though, that some PCs also come with something more insidious--pre-installed malware.

David Jeffers | 14 Sep | Read more

FBI rolling out hi-tech 'Big Brother' monitoring system

Thanks to the FBI, the United States government will soon have a nationwide system in place capable of monitoring and identifying “persons of interest” virtually anywhere. The Next Generation Identification (NGI) system is designed to aid the FBI in tracking down and capturing criminals.

David Jeffers | 10 Sep | Read more

Android users are prime target for malware

A new report summarizing the malware and cybersecurity trends for the second quarter of 2012 has been released. The report found the biggest spike in malware samples detected in four years, and illustrates the growing threat faced by mobile devices—particularly Android mobile devices.

David Jeffers | 05 Sep | Read more

Do Authenticaton Questions Really Protect You?

What is your mother's maiden name? It seems like that question has been used as secondary authentication to verify identity since the dawn of time. Over time, the authentication questions have become much more diverse. Sites now ask for things like what city you went to high school in, or who was your favorite teacher, or what was your first car.

David Jeffers | 03 Sep | Read more

A Sinister New Breed of Malware is Growing

Malware attacks seem to be evolving. The traditional viruses, Trojan horses, botnets, and phishing attacks are still a threat, but the next generation malware takes insidious to a whole new level. Thankfully, there’s a silver lining as well.

David Jeffers | 17 Aug | Read more

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