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Malicious keylogger malware found lurking in highly publicized GTA V mod

Mods! They're a big part of what makes PC gaming so great. They're an even bigger part of the Grand Theft Auto franchise's success on PCs. But malicious no-goodniks out there have seized advantage of the current spotlight on GTA V to slip nasty keylogger malware into some of the mods available for the game--including the otherwise awesome-looking "Angry Planes" mod that made the rounds on the big gaming sites this week.

Brad Chacos | 16 May | Read more

Bravo! Windows Defender update fully removes Lenovo's dangerous Superfish malware

Microsoft's stayed mum during Thursday's uproar about Lenovo installing dangerous, invasive "Superfish" adware on new PCs --adware that hijacks all secure HTTPS connections on affected PCs. But early Friday morning, Redmond quietly issued a sly condemnation of Lenovo's folly, updating its Windows Defender antivirus solution to eradicate both the adware itself and the rogue self-signed certificate that allows Superfish to compromise encrypted web traffic.

Brad Chacos | 21 Feb | Read more

How to remove the dangerous Superfish adware preinstalled on Lenovo PCs

Lenovo's been caught going a bit too far in its quest for bloatware money, and the results have put its users at risk. The company has been preloading Superfish, a "visual search" tool that includes adware that fakes the encryption certificates for every HTTPS-protected site you visit, on its PCs since at least the middle of 2014. Essentially, the software conducts a man-in-the-middle attack to fill the websites you visit with ads, and leaves you vulnerable to hackers in its wake.

Brad Chacos | 20 Feb | Read more

Windows 7 exits mainstream support: What you need to know

Yet another end is nigh for Windows 7. After months of buildup--Microsoft killed standalone software sales of the operating system in October 2013, and Windows 7 consumer PCs stopped being manufactured in October 2014--the venerable OS is finally exiting "mainstream support" on January 13, 2015. And for months now, the Web has been flooded with a wave of confused or downright fearmongering headlines and articles implying that Windows 7 is following Windows XP into the graveyard.

Brad Chacos | 13 Jan | Read more

Safe from Shellshock: How to protect your home computer from the Bash shell bug

On the surface, the critical "Shellshock" bug revealed this week sounds devastating. By exploiting a bug in the Bash shell command line tool found in Unix-based systems, attackers can run code on your system--essentially giving them access to your system. Bad guys are already developing exploits that use Shellshock to crack your passwords and install DDoS bots on computers. And since Bash shell is borderline ubiquitous, a vast swath of devices are vulnerable to Shellshock: Macs, Linux systems, routers, web servers, "Internet of Things" gizmos, you name it.

Brad Chacos | 27 Sep | Read more

'Bigger than Heartbleed' Shellshock flaw leaves OS X, Linux, more open to attack

Well, this isn't good. Akamai security researcher, Stephane Chazelas, has discovered a devastating flaw in the Unix Bash shell, leaving Linux machines, OS X machines, routers, older IoT devices, and more vulnerable to attack. "Shellshock," as it's been dubbed, allows attackers to run code on your machine after exploiting the flaw, but the true danger here lies in just how old Shell Shock is - this vulnerability has apparently been lurking in the Bash shell for years.

Brad Chacos | 25 Sep | Read more

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