Stories by Sue Bushell

Tracking Terrorists

With disturbing revelations coming out of the Bali bombing trials about the existence of cells of the regional Asian terror group Jemaah Islamiah in Australia, BearingPoint thinks it can offer intelligence agencies technology that can help track such cells down.

Sue Bushell | 08 Jul | Read more

E-Mail Hell

It opens your company’s door to viruses and spam that can cause financial, ethical and legal nightmares. It can strain bandwidth limits and escalate storage costs. Clearly, an enforceable e-mail usage policy is fundamental to controlling e-mail.

Sue Bushell | 14 Nov | Read more

The Prying Game

Competitive intelligence doesn't involve back alleys, secret handshakes or off-shore bank accounts. In fact, it's quite legal. So why are Australian companies largely ignoring it?

Sue Bushell | 12 Sep | Read more

Immunising Against Terror

Post 9-11, the world is a changed place. Governments need to realise that Web site information for their citizens needs to go beyond how to make online rates payments and where to get a dog licence.

Sue Bushell | 05 Sep | Read more

A Question of Identity

The road to an identity and access management infrastructure has curves, detours and construction zones. But the end destination is well worth the journey

Sue Bushell | 15 Aug | Read more

Just in Case

The September 11 terrorist attacks shattered more than Americans’ sense of security. They also shattered many supply chain managers’ devotion to the strategy known as just-in-time inventory

Sue Bushell | 28 Jul | Read more

The Enemy Without

Your competition may be redefining the ‘e’ in espionage: the theft of proprietary information, long conducted through the turning of employees, is increasingly performed via hacking.

Sue Bushell | 10 Jul | Read more

To Catch A Thief

Some organisations are hiring ex-hackers to help solve security woes. Now there are ways to grow your own hackers. After all, better the devil you know . . .

Sue Bushell | 14 Dec | Read more

Cyber CIRTainty

When the Y2K bug threatened to disrupt business, CIOs had to convince management to pay attention to the issue. But with cyber-attacks, CIOs do not have a hard-and-fast deadline - an attack could come any day, and the consequences could be more lethal to a company’s operations than Y2K ever was. That’s why many CIOs are lobbying Mahogany Row for cyber-incident response team (CIRT) funding

Sue Bushell | 05 Mar | Read more

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