Stories by Sarah Scalet

INTERVIEW: Balancing Act

The way Alan Westin sees it, privacy is not so much a cause or a burden for the corporate world as it is a balance — one that he has spent the past four decades helping businesses negotiate.

Sarah Scalet | 19 Jun | Read more

Target Terrorism

Over the past few months, politicians across the US were jockeying for an unlikely distinction: a top spot on a list of likely terrorist targets. The prize for the winners? A bigger piece of federal antiterrorism funding.

Sarah Scalet | 12 Jun | Read more

Cleared for Takeoff

James Loy, head of the US Transportation Security Administration, says that he can safeguard the airlines and their passengers, now that the government has said he can unpack.

Sarah Scalet | 30 Jan | Read more

Policy Preachers

Richard Clarke and Howard Schmidt are charged with spreading the CSO's gospel to boardrooms across the USA. But are their policy commandments ones you want to follow?

Sarah Scalet | 19 Sep | Read more

Staying Power

In the weeks and months after 9/11, three CIOs working next door to the World Trade Center found they had to be strong leaders to get their companies back online. Now back in the city, they don't make business continuity plans. They live them.

Sarah Scalet | 12 Sep | Read more

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