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Security SAAS maturing fast

Security technologies delivered via the SAAS (software-as-a-service) business model may still be in their nascent stage, but some early adopters are already piecing together multiple offerings to outsource a significant portion of their IT systems defense infrastructure.

Matt Hines | 24 Aug | Read more

BLACK HAT - NSA guru lauds security intelligence sharing

US government initiatives aimed at fostering the sharing of security intelligence throughout the federal space are helping to establish the community atmosphere and best practices necessary to help those agencies -- and private enterprises -- improve their network and applications defenses, a National Security Agency leader told attendees of the Black Hat conference on Wednesday.

Matt Hines | 02 Aug | Read more

Mounting scrutiny for Google security

Much as the ubiquity of Microsoft's Windows operating system and Office productivity tools has made the software giant a focal point of security research, search giant Google is facing new scrutiny as it diversifies its products and moves further into the business environment.

Matt Hines | 16 Jul | Read more

A new context for data protection

Experts gathered for the ongoing InfoWorld Enterprise Data Protection Forum in New York Tuesday said that companies need to get a better handle on all the factors that make their sensitive information susceptible to attack and become more proactive with their overall defensive strategies if they are to improve on their current security status.

Matt Hines | 27 Jun | Read more

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