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Web attacks won't stop

Web-borne malware attacks will continue to flourish in 2008, according to the latest research report filed by scanning and acceleration specialists Blue Coat.

Matt Hines | 31 Mar | Read more

The top 10 security land mines

Many companies spend a small fortune and deploy a small army to secure themselves from the many security threats lurking these days. But all those efforts can come to naught when making any of these common mistakes. The results can range from embarrassing to devastating, but security experts say that all are easily avoidable.

Matt Hines | 18 Mar | Read more

Straight talk for security pros

Communicating the importance of security risk and the need for related investment to those less familiar is no easy task, but industry experts agree there are a few techniques that you can follow as a CSO, CISO, or project manager to help get your point across and curry favor with other business leaders.

Matt Hines | 17 Mar | Read more

Integration problems arise with DLP tools

Vendors of data leakage prevention (DLP) systems claim that customers will avoid integration issues by using packaged tools that encompass all the different elements of the technology, but some early adopters of DLP are already running into serious problems.

Matt Hines | 15 Feb | Read more

IBM digs into security management

IBM is aggressively expanding its security portfolio in hopes of becoming the de facto source of advice and technology for businesses looking to adopt high-level IT governance and risk management strategies -- a transformation among customers that officials at Big Blue cite as both ongoing and inevitable.

Matt Hines | 08 Jan | Read more

Apps accelerators tackle security

Companies that specialize in helping businesses speed delivery of their applications and Web content are increasingly involving themselves in IT security as the continued proliferation of systems-defense technologies has become a potential roadblock to the performance and quality of the services they already provide.

Matt Hines | 30 Nov | Read more

Google revs up security play

Far from being a major player in IT security today, Google has ambitious designs on becoming a big name in the burgeoning hosted security market, begging the question, Will your organization ever be ready to let the world's largest information retrieval company safeguard your crown jewels?

Matt Hines | 18 Dec | Read more

Data leakage prevention becomes a feature

Driven by market consolidation and the ongoing efforts of large IT security vendors to meld DLP (data leakage prevention) tools into their broader portfolios, some experts contend that the technologies will increasingly become perceived as product features and less so as stand-alone platforms.

Matt Hines | 27 Nov | Read more

Cost of data breaches keeps rising

Organizations that experience data breaches are paying more than ever to recover from the incidents and retain customers once the events become public knowledge, according to a new research report.

Matt Hines | 29 Nov | Read more

Paypal claims gains against phishers

Paypal security chief Michael Barrett isn't ready to claim a victory in the fight against phishing schemes, but he said that his company is slowly turning the tide using a set of new partnerships and technological means.

Matt Hines | 21 Sep | Read more

Fear of insider threats hits home

The more money that companies spend on securing their IT operations from external attack, the more it seems they become aware that the potential threat posed by their own employees remains their most significant risk.

Matt Hines | 19 Sep | Read more

Security show stresses risk management

Enterprise security decision makers have long been more likely to be swayed by flashy new technologies than by the notion of comprehensive IT restructuring to protect data and other corporate assets, but the situation is evolving rapidly, according to experts participating in Forrester Research's ongoing Security Forum.

Matt Hines | 06 Sep | Read more

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