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​Security in 2020 – Data Security is Key

Gone are the days when data was confined to the data centre and we could put a virtual fence around it and protect it. Now data is everyone with multiple copies of it. This causes a massive headache for CISOs who are tasked with protecting this data from falling into the wrong hands. The question then arises, with data literally everywhere, how do we achieve this?

Ashwin Pal | 02 Aug | Read more

A Quick-fire Guide to Secure Code Development

The value that applications and databases present to attackers has seen a move from network based attacks towards web application and database attacks. We are starting to see more and more high profile web based attacks. The Ashley Maddison hack is one that is fresh in my mind. At the end of the day, our adversaries are after the data that our organisations hold for financial gain. As with anything else, our adversaries are using the easiest path to get to this data and in most cases this tends to be web applications and heir back-end databases. Why – because web applications are always available to anyone, anywhere and we have seen way too many examples of insecure code development and basic coding errors that lead to compromised web applications and subsequently databases.

Ashwin Pal | 20 Oct | Read more

Five Key Challenges Facing CSOs Today

2012 has been a tough year for IT security and the trend seems to be continuing into 2013. We have now become accustomed to groups such as Anonymous that have wreaked havoc on a number of large government and corporate organisations. A new frontier in cyber threats has opened. The driver for cyber intrusion is no longer fame, but theft of intellectual property, financial information, blueprints and other classified information for financial gain.

Ashwin Pal | 10 Jul | Read more

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