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Blaster worm linked to severity of US blackouts

The W32.Blaster worm may have contributed to the cascading effect of the Aug. 14 blackout, government and industry experts revealed this week. On the day of the blackout, Blaster degraded the performance of several communications lines linking key data centers used by utility companies to manage the power grid, the sources confirmed.

Dan Verton | 01 Sep | Read more

Microsoft studying multilevel security desktops

Microsoft is working with the US government in studying one of the most pressing challenges in federal information security, one that is critically important to future homeland security and information-sharing efforts: multilevel security workstations.

Dan Verton | 28 Jul | Read more

Inadequate IT contributed to 9/11 intelligence failure

An antiquated IT infrastructure and cultural turf battles among the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and various intelligence agencies resulted in a lack of information sharing and analysis that contributed to the national security community's failure to head off the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, according to the results of a congressional investigation.

Dan Verton | 25 Jul | Read more

US Plans Biometrics For Border Control

The US Department of Homeland Security this week offered the first public details of a proposed border-control system that will use biometric technology to authenticate the identities of visitors and immigrants entering the US.

Dan Verton | 29 May | Read more

CSOs Describe Diverse Operational Roles

Most corporate security officers share a common strategic role. But operationally, the duties of those filling such positions — whether the title is chief security officer (CSO), chief information security officer (CISO) or something else — are as diverse as the IT industry itself.

Dan Verton | 08 May | Read more

eBay Wins Schmidt Auction

After officially retiring from public service Thursday, Howard Schmidt, the former chairman-elect of the now defunct President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board, announced that he will be heading back west to a new job as the vice president of security for online auction site eBay Inc.

Dan Verton | 05 May | Read more

US Public/Private Security Partnership Gets Rocky

The changing of the cybersecurity guard at the US Department of Homeland Security, coupled with complacency on the part of some corporate executives, has put a higher premium on information-sharing and cooperation between the private sector and the government.

Dan Verton | 29 Apr | Read more

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