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Are password managers secure?

None of us can remember all our passwords. Yes, we know to use strong passwords, and we never use the same password on more than one site. It's troublesome, but it's part and parcel of our Internet privileges.

Stefan Hammond | 22 Jul | Read more

PopVote, CloudFlare trump DDoS attack

Popular events on the Internet tend to jam channels solid. Rugby Sevens tickets, collectible dolls, what-have-you...when popularity spikes, cyberdemand overwhelms servers. Massive e-tailers like Amazon or Taobao, for example, use scalability at high levels when their traffic spikes during seasonal events.

Stefan Hammond | 03 Jul | Read more

Snowden versus James Bond

The media spotlight hit Hong Kong last year when former government contractor Edward J Snowden spilled the beans on the NSA's extensive spying program. The youthful tech guru then hightailed it to Russia, where he remains. In April, the Washington Post and Guardian US won the Pulitzer Prize for public service, one of journalism's more prestigious awards, for their articles based on NSA documents leaked by Snowden.

Stefan Hammond | 03 Jun | Read more

Another China/USA cyberslap fight

The US-China relationship is oft described as "the most important diplomatic relationship in the world." Whether true or not (Japan and Western Europe haven't vanished), it's important that Beijing and Washington communicate, and, where possible, collaborate."

Stefan Hammond | 23 May | Read more

The 2013 security horror in Hong Kong

Reading the coverage of the recent breach of Adobe passwords, we learned that 1.9 million users used "123456" as their password. That's right: out of 38 million cracked passwords, almost two million adults used passwords more suited to five-year-olds.

Stefan Hammond | 13 Dec | Read more

Another NSA strike against USA tech biz

In July, I wrote a blog post quoting a CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) survey which found that 10% of 207 officials at non-US companies have canceled contracts with US service providers following the revelation of the NSA spy program in June.

Stefan Hammond | 07 Nov | Read more

The whistleblower rightly trusted Hong Kong

When I first heard that Edward Snowden was in Hong Kong, I was skeptical. The young cybersecurity guru who uncovered the NSA's extensive surveillance surely would have headed for Iceland or some other haven (Sweden's off the map, as Julian Assange has learned).

Stefan Hammond | 26 Jun | Read more

The new cybercop center of Hong Kong

You read it in Computerworld Hong Kong: the Hong Kong Police have launched a Cyber Security Center to provide round-the-clock services. The HKP made an investment of HK$9 million in hardware and software for the new facility.

Stefan Hammond | 18 Dec | Read more

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