Stories by Liz Tay

The dirt on Web bugs

It's common practice. A message arrives in your inbox. You read it, realize that it may interest a friend, and pass it on accordingly. But be warned -- that simple, seemingly innocuous push of the forward button could be sending out more information than you think.

Liz Tay | 17 Oct | Read more

Norton 2007 products launched in Australia

Symantec this week launched the 2007 versions of its security products, Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security in Australia. The updated editions are expected to provide consumers with improved security technology and product performance.

Liz Tay | 06 Oct | Read more

Talking information security with business managers

Convincing business executives to address information security issues can be a nightmare for some IT managers. Liz Tay speaks with management consultant Jed Simms, executive chairman of Capability Management, about communicating security risks in a business-savvy manner.

Liz Tay | 04 Oct | Read more

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