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Cyber threats a game changer for the FBI

You know by now that cyber attacks are a growing threat to US government data facilities, critical infrastructure and American businesses. Thursday at <a href="">RSA Conference 2012</a>, FBI Director Robert Mueller will explain how the threat has been a game changer for his agency.

Wayne Rash | 29 Feb | Read more

CrowdStrike CEO to reveal 'major mobile vulnerability' at RSA

A significant vulnerability affecting all versions of the Webkit mobile browser could <a href="">give malware complete control of your phone</a>. The malware could listen in on your conversations, view through your camera and record everything in your email and messages. It can also track your locations at the time. George Kurtz, CEO of the new security company CrowdStrike, has told CSO he'll demonstrate how the vulnerability works at a <a href="">presentation at RSA Wednesday</a>.

Wayne Rash | 28 Feb | Read more

Lieberman: Cybersecurity Act of 2012 will help us protect critical infrastructure

The <a href="">Cybersecurity Act of 2012</a> would give the Department of Homeland Security power to regulate the kind of company security protections government deems necessary to protect critical infrastructure -- such as power and phone companies, water and treatment plants, wireless providers and other companies based on DHS risk assessments. Details emerged during a formal hearing chaired by Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., yesterday.

Wayne Rash | 18 Feb | Read more

Software tightens loose network endpoints

If you manage IT for a government organization -- be it federal, state, or local -- you don't have the luxury of waiting to harden your network defenses, unlike IT managers of commercial enterprises. Public agencies are legally accountable for safeguarding the information they have on their computers, so you must protect that information to avoid serious consequences.

Wayne Rash | 14 Dec | Read more

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