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Safety and security: The intersection

In 1999, the Massachusetts state fire marshal issued a cautionary advisory about a new security product: a surveillance camera designed to look like a smoke detector. "This action has created a great concern for us in the fire service," Stephen Coan said. "If this [security cameras as smoke detectors] becomes widely known, we feel that the lives of people will be placed in jeopardy. Out of fear of being watched and the loss of privacy, it is possible that people will begin to cover over smoke detectors, endangering their lives...." Marshal Coan was not alone in his concern: In 2004, New York officials forced local outlets to stop selling the device for many of the same reasons.

Fred Hapgood | 16 Sep | Read more

Securing the Post-Human Future

CSOs will very likely live to see the day when human brains are easily augmentable through an array of knowledge implants, apps and Wi-Fi capabilities. If securing an enterprise seems tricky today, imagine installing firewalls in a few thousand employees' prefrontal lobes.

Fred Hapgood | 07 Apr | Read more

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