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Where’s the discussion about manager skills causing project failure?

For those of you that don’t know me, I wrote many editorials under the name ‘The Unknown Correspondent – Anonymous’ long before the name was associated with social activist hackers. In those days the main issues I discussed were the lack of skilled technical people, and computer architecture. I wrote about the basic building blocks people and organisations needed to learn. Since I hung up my pen in 2000 I believe the industry has moved from bad to worse, and it seems more than happy to continue down this path.

Anonymous | 07 May | Read more

E-Mail Extortion: A Sordid Tale

I have a paranoid security team. Which is good. I also have paranoid users who don't trust security people. Which is not so good. I discovered this a few years back when a co-worker came into my office, red in the face, eyes puffy and greatly upset. "What on earth is the problem?" I asked in my best official-yet-caring management voice. Between sobs, she explained that, a week earlier, she had gotten an e-mail about the then upcoming Olympics in Greece.

Anonymous | 17 Oct | Read more

Embedded data, not breasts, brought down hacker

The recent arrest of Higinio O. Ochoa III, of Galveston, Texas -- allegedly a member of the Anonymous-linked CabinCr3w --generated considerable amusement (and some unbearably bad puns) when it was reported that the FBI tracked him down using photos he had posted of his girlfriend's breasts (covered somewhat by a bikini top).

Anonymous | 27 Apr | Read more

Ooops, wrong switch!

In 1995, before I began my IT career, I briefly worked in physical security for a national insurance company. I monitored the cameras, logged reports from patrol officers, made keycards for new employees, and generally dealt with whatever came up.

Anonymous | 16 Jul | Read more

At war with the spammers

I have mixed feelings about outsourcing. I subscribe to the old adage, "The good Lord helps those who help themselves." This attitude may stem from my parents, who lived through the era of both World Wars and the Great Depression and know how to make do with very little. They are self-sufficient Yankees who tend not to ask for help, which I think instilled the do-it-yourself tendency in me.

Anonymous | 05 Dec | Read more

Hard questions about background checks

Every CSO has experienced that rare security project that takes life quickly and moves with a force of its own. The project seems to leave port without you. You wake up at night thinking through what might have been missed, trying to take solace in the rapid progress.

Anonymous | 03 Apr | Read more

To Convergence (and Back)

Security convergence--that is, the true meshing of physical and cybersecurity along with business continuity management--is one of the most logical concepts that's been introduced to the security world in a very long time. Convergence makes sense conceptually in the boardroom and functionally within the organization.

Anonymous | 05 Jan | Read more

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