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Government to scrutinize IT visas

Concerned by mounting industry criticism that Australia's long-stay IT visa scheme is being rorted by unscrupulous operators, federal IT and Communications Minister Senator Helen Coonan has pledged the government will investigate.

Julian Bajkowski | 16 Mar | Read more

Black Friday launch for SCADA security roadshow

As of Friday May 13 2005, Australia's numerous utility providers will feel the helping hand of the government over the coming months, with a series of free, special workshops to skill SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) users on the finer points of IT security and critical infrastructure.

Julian Bajkowski | 25 Feb | Read more

Feds called in over Trojan tax scam

E-mail scammers have shifted their sights from a staple diet of banks, betting shops and auction sites to government agencies, with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) calling in Australian Federal Police over a spam deluge that tries to send taxpayers to Trojan-infected Web sites.

Julian Bajkowski | 11 Jan | Read more

Ruddock sets up privacy law review

Enterprises handling the personal information of customers are being given a second chance to influence the operation of the federal Privacy Act (1998). Federal Attorney General Philip Ruddock has announced a review of private sector provisions of the law.

Julian Bajkowski | 30 Aug | Read more

Black Pages bites the dust

A company offering to reverse-search Telstra's telephone directories has gone into liquidation following a Federal Court decision upholding Telstra's ownership of intellectual property rights over its telephone book listings.

Julian Bajkowski | 20 Jul | Read more

DFAT calls for ePassport chips

It's full steam ahead on Australia's biometric-cum-facial recognition passports. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has requested both restricted and open tenders for integrated circuit chips, inlays, hardware, software and services for the first batch of prototype, new-age travel documents.

Julian Bajkowski | 07 Jul | Read more

High tech top cop quits post

In a surprise move the first chief of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre (AHTCC), Alastair MacGibbon has quit his post after 18 months and will trade in his federal agent’s badge to become the Australian director of trust and safety for multibillion dollar flea market, eBay.

Julian Bajkowski | 18 Jun | Read more

Security lust creating privacy headaches

An unchecked lust for IT security, surveillance and identity management by enterprises and governments could create bigger headaches than the ones they solve, former Privacy Commissioner Malcolm Crompton warned delegates at the 2004 AusCert Conference.

Julian Bajkowski | 03 Jun | Read more

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