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CSO Webinar: What's next in the cyber-threat landscape?

With so much change all the time, how can executives best prepare their businesses to meet the security challenges of the coming years? CSO Australia, in conjunction with Mimecast, explored this question in an interactive Webinar that looks at how the threat landscape has evolved – and what we can expect in 2019 and beyond.

CSO staff | 21 Nov | Read more

Can you have both privacy and innovation?

​There are frequent media, TV and radio reports on data-hacks of companies which hold your personal data. These headlines highlight there is a real threat to us as both users and consumers. Hackers see value in data, as do companies who collect the data.

CSO staff | 05 Oct | Read more

CSO Webinar - There is already a better way to stop email fraud - so why aren't you using it?

​Email fraud is nothing new, but online criminals have become ever more-effective at spoofing their identities to trick employees into sending them money. The Australian Centre for Cyber Security (ACSC) recorded losses of over $20M to business email compromise (BEC) attacks last year alone, up 230 percent over the previous year – and the full amount is certain to be much larger.​

CSO staff | 10 Apr | Read more

CSO Webinar: Plugging the gap in your IAM stack - Expert Guidance for Password Management

No matter how robust your security, or how diligent your employees, network credentials are a free pass for cybercriminals. This is mostly because employees are relied upon for their own password management. And with more than 4.8 billion sets of stolen credentials said to be available online, odds are that at least a few of your employees’ user IDs and passwords are just waiting to be used by unscrupulous outsiders. Are you ready to stop them?

CSO staff | 22 Mar | Read more

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