Stories by Cara Garretson

Data loss start-ups sell out

The rapid consolidation in the anti-data leakage market in the past year is enough to make an IT manager's head spin: This segment of the security sector ballooned to include dozens of start-ups, then even more quickly dwindled down to a few independent companies as larger vendors cherry-picked smaller ones to add data leakage to their own product portfolios.

Cara Garretson | 08 Jan | Read more

12 spam research projects that might make a difference

Those who commit cybercrime know they need to stay on the cutting edge of technology to come up with new and different ways to swindle people. Luckily, the good guys are also spending time in research labs developing ways to thwart the latest tricks employed by spammers, phishers and other criminals.

Cara Garretson | 21 Nov | Read more

Balancing Generation Y preferences with security

As young adults who grew up on e-mail and online chat enter the workforce, they bring with them a set of newer technologies designed for rapid-fire communication and workplace personalization. Much of this technology may represent better, faster ways of getting a job done, but it also introduces a new round of security threats for corporate networks; and the decision to allow them or not must be made carefully.

Cara Garretson | 30 Aug | Read more

Gartner's Pescatore on security

Following his keynote speech at the Gartner IT Security Summit in Washington, D.C., this week, Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst John Pescatore answered a few questions from Vic Wheatman, managing vice president at Gartner.

Cara Garretson | 05 Jun | Read more

McAfee CEO ponders consolidation, Cisco threat

On Monday at 6 a.m., Dave DeWalt stood in front of McAfee's Plano, Texas, offices to greet employees with coffee, doughnuts and a handshake. "They were wondering, 'Who's the guy in the suit?'" says the former EMC vice president who became McAfee's CEO on April 2.

Cara Garretson | 05 Apr | Read more

Dealing with worst-case scenarios

Imagine a natural disaster the likes of Hurricane Katrina or a terrorist attack on a major city wipes out business operations. In the mad dash to get back online as quickly as possible, security protocols and procedures take a back seat to regaining business continuity.

Cara Garretson | 21 Aug | Read more

ID theft, the sequel

Harrison Ford is ticked off again. But not because the bad guys have hijacked Air Force One or kidnapped his wife from a Paris hotel room; this time they've swiped his identity to break into the bank where he works and steal millions of dollars.

Cara Garretson | 08 Feb | Read more

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