Stories by Jeff Bertolucci

Four Safer Ways to Pay Online

Who has your private info? Who knows, given how common <a href="">security breaches</a> have become. And credit card information is one of the most common types of <a href="">personal data</a> we volunteer online. So what can you do to minimize credit card fraud? Well, you can't stop the break-ins, but here are four ways to keep your funds out of the hands of the bad guys.

Jeff Bertolucci | 19 Jun | Read more

Mac malware brouhaha: Are Apple users no longer safe?

Mac users don't have to worry about malware, right? Well, for many years that's been true, although the reasons were always the topic of contentious debate between the Apple faithful and various security researchers, many of whom predicted Mac security breaches would rise as Apple's share of the PC market climbed northward.

Jeff Bertolucci | 19 May | Read more

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