Stories by Thomas Wailgum

Blog: 10 Things I Just Don't Get About Tech

I've been immersed in the world of technology, IT vendors and business software for nearly 13 years, and there are lots of things to love and lots of things to hate. But there also many bewildering things about the tech world that still make me scratch my head in amazement.

Thomas Wailgum | 20 Apr | Read more

Pirates to Worry You: Chinese Manufacturing Partners

Somali pirates who brazenly attacked container ships in the Indian Ocean have garnered a lot of recent attention. But for companies that source products from Chinese manufacturing partners, there are even greater and longer-term business risks due to pirating attacks on companies' intellectual property and supply chains.<br/>

Thomas Wailgum | 17 Apr | Read more

Mastering Mobile Madness

Wireless devices are multiplying, making more people more productive . . . and creating enormous management, support and security headaches for CIOs. You need a plan for juggling these new gadgets. Here's the plan.

Thomas Wailgum | 03 Feb | Read more

Fault Line

Welcome to a world where projects fail, computers crash and secrets escape — and you don't have to be the fall guy.

Thomas Wailgum | 04 Dec | Read more

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