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Paling in comparison

No, these are not instances of one thing paling in comparison to another. Instead, these are instances of pundits themselves making comparisons that never should have been made. Android security is just as good as iOS's? The Amazon phone will destroy the iPhone and the iWatch? Come on, folks.

The Macalope | 22 Jun | Read more


Isn't it nice that so many people who are ostensibly not Mac users are still very concerned about Mac security? It's sweet the way they look out for us.

The Macalope | 09 Apr | Read more

The Macalope: Insecurity complex

The Macalope wonders if there's a corollary to Betteridge's Law of Headlines that says something about editors who don't understand the details of article but frame something as a question just to be on the safe side?

The Macalope | 19 Mar | Read more

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