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NSF proposes next-generation Internet

The US National Science Foundation (NSF) has proposed a next-generation Internet with built-in security and functionality that connects all kinds of devices, with researchers challenging the government agency to look at the Internet as a "clean slate."

Grant Gross | 31 Aug | Read more

To stop hacker attacks, don't rely on ISPs

Your Internet service provider isn't to blame if your company is hit with a distributed denial-of-service attack. That was the verdict of IT security professionals in a mock trial staged by Gartner at its IT Security Summit last month, in which ISPs were charged with not doing enough to keep subscribers' computers from being compromised and used as tools in attacks on corporate networks.

Grant Gross | 19 Jul | Read more

How AOL earns customer trust

Tatiana Platt, chief trust officer and senior vice president of America Online, carries the reputation of the AOL brand on her shoulders. Security has become a core component of ensuring the integrity of that brand. CSO spoke to Platt recently about her title, online security and the challenges of communicating security to children, retirees and everyone in between.

Grant Gross | 09 Feb | Read more

Net needs law enforcement, author says

The Internet is a "god-awful mess," but few U.S. government officials are willing to take action against virus writers, spammers and other scammers, author Bruce Sterling said at the Gartner IT Security Summit on Tuesday in the US.

Grant Gross | 09 Jun | Read more

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