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Computer Forensics Investigations: Body of Evidence

When the body of his wife was discovered, Air Force Sgt. Joseph Snodgrass was stationed at Clark Air Base in the Philippines. Julie Snodgrass was found in the cab of a pickup truck nearby, having been stabbed more than 42 times. The only evidence connecting her husband to the crime were a couple of floppy disks on which were stored two letters: one in which Sgt. Snodgrass asked his mistress to hire three hitmen to murder his wife, and another increasing his wife's life insurance coverage to $450,000. During questioning in his office by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI), Snodgrass pulled the two 5.25-inch diskettes from his desk and used pinking shears to chop the damning evidence into 2 dozen pieces.

Daintry Duffy | 01 May | Read more

Inquiring Minds

To build an effective investigative team, CSOs need to assemble the right mix of specialized talents. Then they have to cultivate trusting relationships with other organizational leaders.

Daintry Duffy | 30 Jun | Read more

Natural Selection

Survival of the fittest may work in the animal kingdom, but grooming the next generation of CSOs requires a substantial investment of time, a sincere interest in employee development and a dash of humility. Are you ready for succession planning?

Daintry Duffy | 26 Aug | Read more

Handle with Care

The 2001 anthrax attacks are a distant memory, and most companies have let their mail security practices lapse. Packages and letters that flow unchecked into the heart of many enterprises, and CSOs who don't pay attention to the potential threat could be in for a surprise delivery.

Daintry Duffy | 29 Jul | Read more

Underground Fears

The coming wave of security threats will increasingly be blended with physical and information components. CSOs who want to prepare for these attacks will have to meld their defences to meet the challenge

Daintry Duffy | 02 Apr | Read more

Goal-Line Stand

As this year’s Superbowl proved, anything can happen at a football game. But Milton Ahlerich, the NFL's VP of security, has sworn to make it safe for players and fans alike.

Daintry Duffy | 05 Feb | Read more

Two of a Kind

The biggest challenge for Mohegan Sun's security and surveillance team? Catch the crooks before they leave the casino with the loot.

Daintry Duffy | 06 Nov | Read more

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