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GoDaddy hack denial highlights touchy security climate

It caused a furore as customers in Australia and around the world found themselves unable to access key online services, but the way in which news of the hacking of GoDaddy quickly spread highlights the hysteria of a world where hacking is now all but automatically blamed for service outages.

David Braue | 17 Sep | Read more

The week in security: Was it the FBI's Apple data, or not?

Reports were questioning corporate security culture as KPMG suggested a lack of legislation around mandatory data breach notifications has <a href=“”>left many Australian companies</a> tight-lipped on the subject.

David Braue | 13 Sep | Read more

The week in security: appealing to hackers' good sides

Julian Assange may be in the news for curious reasons these days, but the organisation he created raised eyebrows after the release of hacked emails from analyst firm Stratfor suggested companies including Google and may be interested in video-surveillance and analysis tool Trapwire.

David Braue | 21 Aug | Read more

Spy school surfaces corporate espionage tactics, defences

Ever-present news about malware and security attacks may have focused executives' minds on information security risks, but healthy interest in a new series of seminars dubbed Corporate Spy School serves as a reminder that information security is about a lot more than just protecting your emails.

David Braue | 03 Aug | Read more

Week in security: The future of security is agile

CSO Australia held its first-ever breakfast events in Sydney and Melbourne, with a range of speakers exploring the goals and obstacles in the effort to adopt Agile Security. Sponsor NetIQ said growing trust in social networks – mixed with the right standards – could make them trusted third-party ID brokers where other organisations have failed.

David Braue | 30 Jul | Read more

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