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Malware innovation outpacing security defences, eThreatz testing shows

Figures suggest that 2011 was the worst year in history for malware attacks, with more than 12 million unique samples discovered in the first half of 2011 alone – a 22 percent increase over 2010. This high volume of attacks has taken its toll: extensive eThreatz testing by Enex TestLab over the past six months has confirmed that many malware detection platforms – including those from top brand-name vendors – have been unable to detect a sizeable proportion of new malware infections.

David Braue | 11 May | Read more

BYO computing: if you can't beat 'em, secure 'em

The trend towards bring-your-own computing is being driven by executives who not only insist on connecting their personal devices to the company network – but refuse to hand over control of those devices to security managers despite exhortations that it's necessary to ensure data integrity.

David Braue | 08 May | Read more

Virtualisation requires new security models: Quane

Traditional security models are slowing down virtualised environments and creating an untenable management burden as aggressive cloud-computing adopters skimp on security to ensure they don’t become victims of their own virtualisation success, a security executive has warned.

David Braue | 08 May | Read more

Malicious QR codes: a mobile security blind spot

It's hard to read in-store signage, magazine or newspaper advertisements or product brochures these days without seeing a quick response Code (QR Code) – the blocky, square two-dimensional barcodes that let smartphone users quickly jump to a Web address by simply taking a photo of the code block.

David Braue | 02 May | Read more

The week in security: Flashback, brethren continue assault

Malware authors continued to pull new cards from their bags of tricks, with suggestions a new approach uses JavaScript to look for mouse movements, indicating that the visitor is a real person and not a security vendor’s automated malware scanner. In the absence of mouse movement, no malware will be offered.

David Braue | 17 Apr | Read more

The week in security: 600,000 reasons for Mac users to be afraid

Cyber-attacks may have been adjudged to be one of the most serious security threats facing the world, and the nasties out there were certainly doing their part to make sure we didn't forget it. Credit-card payments processor Global Payments said that fewer than 1.5 million cards were affected by the recent data theft, but struggled with its corporate messaging in the wake of the significant breach. .

David Braue | 11 Apr | Read more

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