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The week in security: BYOD popularity draws security warnings

A number of US network service providers came out arguing in favour of blacklisted Chinese vendor Huawei, which has come out offering "unrestricted access” to its software source code in an attempt to assuage security concerns that have led several governments, including Australia’s, to ban its gear from their networks.

David Braue | 01 Nov | Read more

The week in security: Huawei, ZTE, Galaxy Tab deemed unacceptable for business use

How much damage could a malware infection do in your company? A <a href="">new study</a> found that cyberattacks cost an average $US8.9m to clean up. This, in the context of a relentless exposure profile that saw Windows 7's malware infection rate <a href="">climb</a> by up to 182% this year.

David Braue | 15 Oct | Read more

The week in security: Govt targets cybercrims; cybercrims target banks, unis

<p> Workers have been agitating for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategies for some time now, but a <a href="" target="_blank">new survey</a> suggests many are actually concerned that BYOD &ndash; which has <a href="" target="_blank">already raised security issues</a>&nbsp;and is <a href="" target="_blank">forcing companies to invest </a>in sophisticated analytics &ndash; is giving management an excuse to <a href="" target="_blank">snoop on their information</a>.</p> <p>

David Braue | 08 Oct | Read more

The week in security: hackers banking on human, technological shortcomings

The US government is on the verge of announcing a winner for its competition to build a new cryptographic hash algorithm – but not everyone thinks it's necessary. Current encryption can do the job nicely and – in the case of some cloud-computing services – for free. Cloud providers are responsible for your personal data when it's loaded into cloud services, but encrypting it may prove valuable if you're not entirely convinced.

David Braue | 04 Oct | Read more

MDM is dead, long live MDM

The ever-expanding number of mobile devices, operating systems and applications – as well as the fact that many employees are likely to resist efforts to impose mobile device management (MDM) strictures on them – mean traditional MDM is dead, Symantec executives have warned.

David Braue | 21 Sep | Read more

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