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The week in security: Companies pressured to act on breaches

News of new security breaches continued to roll in throughout the week, with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) kicking off the week with a warning that users of online stockbroking services should review their security, change their passwords, and ensure all software was current. Seems someone has been poking their heads where they shouldn't be, and ASIC is eager to prevent any more unwanted intrusions.

David Braue | 30 Jan | Read more

The week in security: A bitter bar of SOPA

While much of the online world followed Wikipedia’s unprecedented SOPA legislation protest, security concerns provided a more definitive solution as the Obama administration promised to veto SOPA on the basis that it would push people to “dangerous, unreliable DNS servers” and compromise secure improvements like DNSSEC.

David Braue | 20 Jan | Read more

2012: the year business must revisit security basics

It may be that 2<a href="" target="_blank">011 was the year of the DDoS</a>,&nbsp;but security&nbsp;experts warn that 2012 could shape up to be the year businesses really&nbsp;pay the piper as a broad range of attacks pummel them for years spent&nbsp;overlooking and underfunding their security.<br />

David Braue | 23 Dec | Read more

Expect conflict in 2012 as consumerisation raises security alarm bells for CIOs

End users everywhere are demanding that IT executives figure out how to let them bring their own smartphones and laptops to work. Yet even as consumerisation tops lists of IT priorities for 2012, vendors are taking new approaches to security as a majority of CIOs worry that the BYO pendulum has swung too far and will, through the normalisation of off-net mobility, create new business risks due to unaddressed shortcomings in management and security strategies.

David Braue | 19 Dec | Read more

Defence win backs Citrix desktop virtualisation security claims

Thin-client and virtualisation specialist vendor Citrix Systems has been talking about the virtualisation of the desktop for years, but an A-grade customer win would seem to back up the company’s recent claims that ever-better security is bringing desktop virtualisation into the mainstream even within the most security-conscious environments.

David Braue | 12 Dec | Read more

Don't let your data suffer from Miss Taken Identity

Whether you celebrated National Identity Fraud Awareness Week (NIFAW) with a large identity cake or just shrieked 'Who Are You?' and other identity-inspired songs with friends over a beer or four, the campaign has run its course for another year -– and reminded those who were listening that we're still living in a world of trusting, naïve fools.

David Braue | 02 Nov | Read more

IPv6 boosts schools' on-net security

Cyberbullying may be more of an operational issue in schools than the outside hacking that enterprises face, but opaque IPv4 network configurations are causing security issues for both groups as organisations struggle to enforce administrative policies by reliably matching IP addresses and user identities.

David Braue | 25 Oct | Read more

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