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The week in security: 600,000 reasons for Mac users to be afraid

Cyber-attacks may have been adjudged to be one of the most serious security threats facing the world, and the nasties out there were certainly doing their part to make sure we didn't forget it. Credit-card payments processor Global Payments said that fewer than 1.5 million cards were affected by the recent data theft, but struggled with its corporate messaging in the wake of the significant breach. .

David Braue | 11 Apr | Read more

The week in security: hackers work as quick as a Flash

The use of Facebook and Google credentials to log onto multiple services has been heralded as a benchmark in service integration, but a recent study has shown the protocols used to facilitate such logins remain woefully inadequate. This is a significant weak point in cloud-based services, while Microsoft's decision to release an anti-malware tool for its Azure cloud service seems to counter the company's own advice that one of Azure's benefits is to avoid reliance on security software.

David Braue | 03 Apr | Read more

The week in security: If you must poke a bear, use a long stick

It's a lesson learnt all too painfully by all sorts of people in the past: don't cross a hacker or you never know what will happen. Sadly, the developers of the Ruby on Rails team learned this this hard way after a user, who had warned of a vulnerability in the project's code repository on GitHub, hacked into the site to make a point after the development team dismissed his notification.

David Braue | 14 Mar | Read more

The week in security: When corporate 'security' just isn't

Following on from the hack of analyst firm Stratfor in December, Wikileaks has published more than five million emails from the group — painting in stark clarity just what can happen if you don't take your security seriously enough. And while CIOs should consider their risk culture and are expected to boost security spending in 2012, it's crucial to make sure your company's site is secure before you try to implement anti-distributed denial of service (DDoS) systems, one group warned.

David Braue | 05 Mar | Read more

The week in security: War of security words

Australian techhead Mark Pesce made some waves after designing a way to send encrypted tweets using his CrypTweet applications. It's an interesting approach but the still-evolving platform has been slammed by observers as being at an early stage, and compromised by inherent characteristics of the Twitter platform.

David Braue | 27 Feb | Read more

The week in security: Turns out they really are watching you

IPv6 has been in and out of the news, but more in recently than out as the online world gears up for the protocol’s big debut in June. Network engineers contemplating their own deployments may want to consider [[xref:| their security practices|]] and rolling the protocol in from the edge of the network.

David Braue | 20 Feb | Read more

Malware networks smarter, faster than you: Blue Coat

It’s not time to run for the hills quite yet, but you might want to start packing. That's effectively the conclusion of a new report from security vendor Blue Coat, which in its latest state-of-security report has warned about everything from in-detectable malware to the explosion in 'malvertising'.

David Braue | 15 Feb | Read more

The week in security: Would you notice if you were hacked?

Confident you would notice if your systems were being hacked? You’re in the minority: A new survey has found just 16 per cent of organisations hit by a breach last year noticed it before someone else told them about it. That’s hardly surprising given another study that found many of the worst malware offenders are using methods that antivirus software just can’t spot or deal with.

David Braue | 13 Feb | Read more

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