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AusCERT 2013: Home-electronics gear’s UPnP as insecure in Australia as rest of world: Metasploit

Australia’s Internet space shows the same distribution of vulnerable IP ports as the rest of the world and a dangerous preponderance of insecure Universal Plug ‘n’ Play (UPnP) devices, Metasploit Project founder HD Moore has warned while recounting the surprising results of his efforts to catalogue the results of communicating with every IP address on the Internet.

David Braue | 22 May | Read more

ACMA database keeps finger on Australia’s malware pulse

Australian ISPs and universities are sending more than 10,000 emails a day to warn customers their systems appear to be infected by malware – but as few as one in five is ever read by its recipient, statistics from the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (ACMA’s) Australian Internet Security Initiative (AISI) show.

David Braue | 21 May | Read more

Virtual desktops win the security case for Brisbane lawyers

It may have started out as a way of simplifying an increasingly complicated IT environment, but Brisbane law firm Cooper Grace Ward (CGW) has found its virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) investment is also delivering improved remote-access security, data protection and integrity of sensitive information.

David Braue | 17 May | Read more

The new IAM: nailing shut the door on the Trojan horse

Cloud, mobility and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) computing are providing so many new potential ingress points to your network that it’s getting near impossible to keep up. The solution, as David Braue finds, lies in reconsidering your exposure, revisiting your IAM strategy – and picking your battles carefully.

David Braue | 15 May | Read more

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