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The week in security: Leaked NSA hacking tools hit Solaris, Windows servers as IoT-targeting Mirai gets competition

In a sign of slowly maturing managerial attitudes towards security, a new survey found that CSOs are feeling less pressure from management to fast-track IT projects and new technology rollouts. They may also be finding that detecting insider threats is easier than they think – although many are still running periodic vulnerability assessments that may be a recipe for disaster.

David Braue | 18 Apr | Read more

The week in security: Angry privacy watchers turn tables on pollies; did Apple pay an iCloud ransom?

People power took an interesting turn as a crowdfunding effort raised $US250,000 ($A326,000) to purchase the browsing histories of US politicians – who recently voted in legislation to allow ISPs to aggregate and resell the browsing histories of their customers. There were also demands by US lawmakers to know how many US residents the National Security Agency is currently surveilling.

David Braue | 10 Apr | Read more

The week in security: Do businesses trust the cloud too much?

If there was one lesson from the CSO Perspectives roadshow – which wraps up in Wellington this week – it came around the growing scourge of ransomware. If you’re like the attendees, you’ve probably already been hit at least once. However, a positive outcome of such breaches is that they make it easier to talk security with the CEO – whether about ransomware or the rest of the |9 most serious information-security threats you’ll face through 2019.

David Braue | 03 Apr | Read more

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