Stories by David Braue

Worst yet to come as WannaCry ransomware teaches hard lessons on the dangers of skimping on patching

Australians may have avoided the worst of the weekend’s massive WannaCry ransomware attack, which hit over 200,000 users and disabled businesses around the world over the weekend, but experts are warning that businesses that don’t double down on their cybersecurity defences may be T-boned as the first-generation ‘kill switch’ weakness is fixed and new variants of the ransomware worm are unleashed into the wild.

David Braue | 15 May | Read more

IoT makers, in-house devs inching towards better security as IBM hacker team makes pen-testing less testing

Increasingly-accessible penetration testing services are helping businesses build iterative security testing into product development lifecycles and Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers are among the most enthusiastic adopters, the head of IBM’s penetration testing operation has reported as the nascent unit nears the end of its first year in operation.

David Braue | 11 May | Read more

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