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How to root out rootkits

If you want to know about the latest malicious rootkit, ask security researcher Dino Dai Zovi. He'll tell you all about his proof of concept rootkit called Vitriol that uses virtual machine instructions in Intel processors to hide a rootkit at the virtualization layer.

Deb Radcliff | 12 Aug | Read more

New security threats from every which way

As enterprises seek out ways to reduce IT costs, optimize resources and improve operational efficiencies, three technology trends have started to dominate: virtualization, service-oriented architecture and mobility. More promising yet is the intertwining of these unique technologies.

Deb Radcliff | 19 Mar | Read more

Watch out for PHP holes

In the first half of 2006, desktop filtering software maker Websense counted a 100 percent rise in Web sites that contained code potentially harmful to visitors. The company declined to reveal how many Web sites it tallied, but it did say that 40 percent of the sites were hacked -- that is, they had their site code altered by outsiders. Of those hacked Web sites, the vast majority (91 percent) were commissioned to install Trojan horses that take control of visiting computers to turn them into bots -- to relay spam, wage denial-of-service attacks or carry out ID theft schemes -- or use them as bases for spreading malicious programs such as worms and keyloggers inside the enterprise.

Deb Radcliff | 24 Jan | Read more

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