Mobile users fear losing personal data

Fifty percent of respondents fear losing personal data and already have experienced losing personal data, says a newly released end-user survey by digital security specialist Gemalto.

Although the fear of losing personal data is high, one in three people still do not use any backup solution.

Findings of Gemalto research is based on surveys in four countries including Germany, Brazil, South Africa and Malaysia. Sixty-nine percent of respondents rated data security as very important for a sharing solution and 77 percent said it is very important in terms of backup services.

Eighty percent of mobile users said they would use services offered by mobile network operators if they introduce their own cloud-based data backup & sharing services to their subscribers.

Over 60 percent of respondents realise they have to pay extra for such services. Twenty-one percent have never backed up their mobile content because they don't know how; and 36 percent back up their mobile data and want a cost effective backup solution.

Interested in wipe & lock services

Ninety percent of the respondents are interested in wipe & lock solutions that are used to block access to personal mobile content after the device is lost or stolen.

Eighty percent of consumers are especially interested in automatic photo and video backup.

Gemalto advises solution providers to adapt their services according to different devices so that they can optimise the user experience.

Fifty-four percent of Malaysians have already experienced the loss of personal content on their mobile phones and 91 percent were interested in a backup solution for mobile contacts, tasks and calendar.

Eighty-seven percent of the respondents in Malaysia said they would use backup solution services if they are offered by their operator.