Opus deploys Symantec solution

System rolled out to 3000 endpoints around the world

Global infrastructure consultancy Opus International Consultants has rolled out Symantec Endpoint Protection to almost 3000 endpoints around the world.

The Wellington-headquartered company reviewed solutions from four vendors.

Opus has a complex IT environment with a range of operating systems. The company runs Microsoft on desktops, and Linux environments on servers; around one third of the fleet of 2500-3000 machines are laptops. Opus' global workforce requires a licensing and support model that can cope with technology that is deployed globally but is managed locally.

Bruce Tinsley, CIO Opus International Consultants, says that within Opus' distributed and disparate IT environment, Symantec Endpoint Protection fared best in the company's in-house testing and competitive evaluation.

"A few users were resistant but they were quickly won over by the ease of use and quality performance," he says. "I was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of the transition from our previous provider and the overall implementation, as well as the level of protection."

Opus is upgrading to Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1, which provides defence against all types of attacks. Endpoint Protection is powered by Insight, which uses reputation-based security technology to tracks billions of files from millions of systems to identify new threats as they are created.

Symantec claims that Insight is the only system in the world that tracks the age, prevalence and security rating of nearly every program file on the internet. In addition, the upgrade to Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 enables seamless integration of the essential antivirus security tools into a single, high-performance agent with a single management console.

"The upgrade is straightforward and is going very smoothly," Bruce says. "The functionality is great and the management capability is excellent."

"Looking into the future, we have plans to add smartphones and tablets into our network. Symantec has the mobile data management and protection capabilities to meet our requirements."