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Fortinet Announces Top Reported Technology Threats for October 2007

  • 08 November, 2007 08:47

<p>Fortinet® – the pioneer and leading provider of unified threat management (UTM) solutions – today announced the top 10 most reported high-risk threats for October 2007. The report, compiled from all FortiGate™ multi-threat security systems in production worldwide, is a service of Fortinet’s FortiGuard Global Security Research Team.</p>
<p>October 2007’s top 10 threats, as determined by the degree of prevalence are:</p>
<p>Rank Threat Name Threat Type % of Detections
#1 HTML/Iframe_CID!exploit Exploit 7.83%,
#2 W32/Netsky!similar Mass mailer 6.07%,
#3 Adware/CashOn Spyware 6.01%,
#4 W32/Netsky.P@mm Mass mailer 5.54%,
#5 HTML/Clicker.AC!tr Trojan 4.58%,
#6 W32/ANI07.A!exploit Exploit 4.30%,
#7 HTML/Obscured!exploit Exploit 3.88%,
#8 W32/Bagle.DY@mm Mass mailer 3.78%,
#9 W32/Grew.A!worm Worm 2.99%,
#10 W32/MyTob.CJ@mm Mass mailer 2.74%.</p>
<p>The October top 10 highlights the following:</p>
<p>• Two new threats joined the top ten list for the first time: the mass mailer MyTob.CJ (also known as MyDoom) reached the 10th position, up from last month's 65th spot; the Trojan Clicker.AC entered in fifth position, doubling its activity compared to last month with high spikes observed towards the end of October.</p>
<p>• Netsky.P is still very active with the combination of Netsky.P and Netsky!similar (inclusive of Netsky.P detection) representing the highest volume detected this month with 11.61 percent of the overall reported activity.</p>
<p>• CashOn dropped from the top position last month to the third position this month. However, the adware toolbar plug-in remained prevalent with, once again, 99.70 percent of its activity focused in Korea.</p>
<p>Even though Fortinet threat researchers reported a general decrease in activity for mass mailing during the first half of the year, four mass mailers were ranked in the top ten this month, showing that this type of malware still accounts for a large portion of high-risk threats. In fact, in comparison to last month, the accumulated volume of Netsky.P, which includes Netsky!similar, has increased by 17.03 percent, while Bagle.DY showed a 13.46 percent surge in activity this month. But the most noticeable trend was the unprecedented activity volume of the MyTob.CJ variant, which was more than eight times greater than what was observed in September. MyTob.CJ ended October with a spike of activity and surpassed Bagle.DY for most of the month.</p>
<p>By definition, mass mailers use emails to spread, and therefore can easily end up in any individual's inbox. Most current mass mailers are multi-functional and can serve as gateways to expose private data or allow remote control of the system. As a result, they still represent a real threat for end users.</p>
<p>“Even if we observe an overall decrease, we continue to experience highly threatening activity from mass mailing and, once again, user education is key in this area,” said Derek Manky, security research engineer at Fortinet. “When it comes to emails, end users should always first ask themselves if the message received was expected or if its source can be trusted before viewing the message and opening links or attachments. Also, in order to reduce the risk of having their computer compromised, they should make sure they have installed the latest operating system, browser, and application security updates. Finally, they should have antivirus scanning in place as an essential safeguard to mitigate those threats.”</p>
<p>To read the full October report, please visit For ongoing threat research, bookmark the FortiGuard Center ( or add it to your RSS feed by going to To learn more about FortiGuard Subscription Services, visit</p>
<p>About Fortinet (
Fortinet is the pioneer and leading provider of ASIC-accelerated unified threat management, or UTM, security systems, which are used by enterprises and service providers to increase their security while reducing total operating costs. Fortinet solutions were built from the ground up to integrate multiple levels of security protection--including firewall, antivirus, intrusion prevention, VPN, spyware prevention and anti-spam -- designed to help customers protect against network and content level threats. Leveraging a custom ASIC and unified interface, Fortinet solutions offer advanced security functionality that scales from remote office to chassis-based solutions with integrated management and reporting. Fortinet solutions have won multiple awards around the world and are the only security products that are certified in six programs by ICSA Labs: (Firewall, Antivirus, IPSec, SSL, Network IPS, and Anti-Spyware). Fortinet is privately held and based in Sunnyvale, California.
# # #
Fortinet is a registered trademark of Fortinet, Inc. Fortinet, FortiGate, FortiOS, FortiAnalyzer, FortiASIC, FortiCare, FortiManager, FortiWiFi, FortiGuard, FortiClient, and FortiReporter are trademarks of the Fortinet, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks referred to herein are the property of their respective owners.</p>
<p>Media Contact:
Sebastian Rice, 02 9959 1991,,</p>

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