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Conexus announces Australian release of Webroot Spam Shredder

  • 07 October, 2004 09:48

<p>PC users can easily manage
uninvited advertising</p>
<p>Sydney, 7 October 2004 -- Conexus, a leading specialist distributor of enterprise, education and entertainment technologies for Windows and Macintosh, today announced the release in Australia of Webroot Spam Shredder, a tool to proactively manage unsolicited email advertising.</p>
<p>Webroot Spam Shredder, which works with all POP3 mail clients, auto-detects and configures Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora email accounts for immediate relief from spam. Powered by an intelligent learning engine that analyses users' decisions to keep or delete suspected spam messages, Webroot Spam Shredder learns to more effectively cull spam from desired messages as time goes on.</p>
<p>"Spam is as pervasive as ever and each day spammers find new ways to send uninvited advertising to inboxes throughout the world," said Steve Thomas, founder of Webroot. "Webroot Spam Shredder is an intelligent and powerful solution to combat useless and uninvited commercial communication."</p>
<p>Nearly 60 percent of email sent today is unsolicited commercial advertising. The repercussions of unmanaged spam include slower system performance and wasted time spent sorting through inbox messages. Once a spammer confirms an email address is active, they can alert other spammers, adding to the glut of useless messages in a user's inbox. To add insult to injury, spam often carries spyware and viruses, which pose a privacy threat to users and their PCs.</p>
<p>Webroot Spam Shredder offers several powerful features to provide the best protection available against spam.</p>
<p>Already pre-educated to separate certain spam messages from desired emails, Webroot Spam Shredder employs an intelligent learning engine that ultimately learns to make better spam-filtering decisions, which reduces the time users need to spend sorting through messages.</p>
<p>Webroot Spam Shredder offers Whitelist and Blacklist features that let users identify senders whose mail should always be allowed through and those messages that should always be deleted. Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora users can instantly add contacts to the Whitelist.</p>
<p>As new spam originators are identified, Webroot adds them to the anti-spam database and offers subscribers the opportunity to update their Webroot Spam Shredder database for the most thorough protection available.</p>
<p>Easy-to-use controls allow users to specify what emails they want to receive or block, and set filter sensitivity.</p>
<p>Suspected spam is instantly quarantined before it reaches a user's inbox. Messages can be automatically deleted or safely held in quarantine for later review.</p>
<p>Pricing and Availability</p>
<p>Spam Shredder supports Windows 98 SE, 2000, ME or XP or NT. It requires a standard POP3 email account (not web mail). The software is distributed to retailers nationwide as a $64.95 twin-pack with Webroot Pop Up Washer (see separate media release). To find your nearest stockist, contact Conexus on 02 9975 2799, 03 9328 1277 or</p>
<p>About Conexus</p>
<p>Founded in 1991, Conexus is a leading specialist distributor of enterprise, education and entertainment technologies for Windows and Macintosh. It has offices in Sydney and Melbourne, and services countless retail outlets nationwide. To find out more about Conexus, visit</p>
<p>About Webroot Software</p>
<p>Webroot Software, a privately held company based in Boulder, Colorado, creates innovative privacy, protection and performance products and services for millions of users around the world, ranging from enterprises, Internet service providers, government agencies and higher education institutions, to small businesses and individuals. The company provides a suite of high-quality, easy-to-use software that guides and empowers consumers as they surf the Web, protecting personal information and returning control over computing environments. Webroot software consistently receives top ratings and recommendations by respected third-party media and product reviewers. In addition to buying these products online at, Webroot products are found on the shelves of leading retailers around the world.</p>
<p>For software, images or interviews, contact:</p>
<p>Steven Noble</p>
<p>Associate Director, Technology</p>
<p>Hill &amp; Knowlton</p>
<p>02 9286 1238</p>

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