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Lifeline Community Care Queensland Chooses AppSense

  • 05 February, 2007 11:10

<p>Lifeline Community Care Queensland has reduced its software licensing costs by over 90 percent, enhanced security and improved quality of service to users by deploying the AppSense Management Suite to manage its network of more than 600 client devices.</p>
<p>Lifeline is constantly striving to maintain control of its software licenses – both in terms of numbers and costs. However, having recently implemented a Citrix MetaFrame thin-client environment, costs were set to blow out because typical licensing agreements require a licence for each client with access to the application’s server – regardless of the number of people who would actually be using the product.</p>
<p>“When we rolled out Microsoft Project, for example, that would have meant we needed to purchase 600 licenses rather than just 30 – the actual number of people who would be using the project,” explained Peter Spence, Lifeline State IT Manager.</p>
<p>The answer was for Lifeline to deploy a comprehensive AppSense solution, including AppSense Management Suite that delivered a full return on investment within days. Using the AppSense Application Manager, the IT team created an application limit for Microsoft Project, restricting it to the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of specific users’ client devices.</p>
<p>“This enabled us to place Microsoft Project on a Citrix server, yet fully satisfy Microsoft’s licensing requirement for only 30 users,” said Spence. “While it can be looked at as providing a licence cost saving of several thousand dollars, in reality it was the difference between being able to introduce the software and not being able to because of the costs.”</p>
<p>Lifeline is also using AppSense Intelligent Process Management (IPM), which works in the background on each server to control and balance the allocation of processor and memory resources across the Citrix server farm. This delivers efficiencies that enable an increase in the number of users per Citrix server, as well as consistent application response times.</p>
<p>“We can now guarantee a positive Citrix experience for users across the network,” said Peter Spence. “This is particularly important given the often sporadic number of users that can be online at any given time. Regardless of the applications being run, we know that AppSense is going to be working in the background to optimise the server hardware resources without compromising the quality of services.”</p>
<p>An additional benefit of the AppSense solution is that it empowers the IT team to address key issues like security, performance and management from a single console.</p>
<p>“Whether it involves addressing security issues posed by viruses or the introduction of unauthorised applications, of defining sets of user profiles, we have a single and centralised management console that covers everything. So, while AppSense is making work life easier for our users and less expensive for our organisation, it is also making our job in IT a lot more straightforward and stress-free.” said Spence.</p>
<p><b>About Lifeline Community Care Queensland</b></p>
<p>Lifeline Community Care Queensland (LCCQ) exists to strengthen the lives of individuals, families and communities through wide-ranging community services that deliver enhanced access, efficiency and outcomes to the people who matter the most – its clients. The first Queensland centre, Lifeline Brisbane, has over 40 years of experience providing quality services to Queenslanders. Lifeline Brisbane formed in 1964 as the third centre established in Australia. Other centres quickly appeared.</p>
<p>In January 2002, all Queensland centres, along with the community services arms of Families and Disability Services, merged to officially form Lifeline Community Care – a collaboration that has seen each centre spread to operate more closely and build mutually beneficial relationships for both the community and the organisation. Lifeline Community Care presently employs nearly 2000 staff members and is aided by more than 3000 volunteers to assist over 371 000 Queenslanders annually. There are 11 localised centres located throughout the state that assist many communities, large and small.</p>
<p><b>About AppSense Ltd.</b></p>
<p>AppSense is the leading provider of application-level endpoint security solutions for the enterprise - proactively protecting desktops, Notebooks, servers, virtual systems and embedded devices against all forms of malicious software and preserving end point environments in their optimal state to ensure system integrity. AppSense software secures thousands of organisations and is installed on hundreds of thousands of desktops and servers across the world in mid-to-large organisations and across many industries such as Public Sector, Finance, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare. AppSense solutions have been designed for desktops and servers which are based upon the Microsoft Windows platform and are ideal for Windows, Terminal Servers, Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Servers, Web Services and other critical business systems. AppSense operates through a world–wide channel of certified partners with offices in the US, UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Australia.</p>
<p><b>Media Contact</b></p>
<p>Jessie Jin</p>
<p>Tel: (02) 9212 3848</p>

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