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Smart Handheld Devices: A Treasure Trove of Gems, Finds IDC

  • 11 December, 2006 13:36

<p>NORTH SYDNEY, December 11th, 2006 - IDC's latest research into the Smart Handheld Device (SHD) market found that the market provides formidable growth opportunities for both mobile carriers and device vendors. The satisfactory prospects are being driven not only by an expanding range of devices but also evolving user needs and behaviour, to embrace a more comprehensive end-to-end mobile solution. IDC expects strong market opportunities in the corporate sector, while consumer sales should also see a boost following the proliferation of more consumer-type devices.</p>
<p>"Device vendors, mobile carriers and other service providers seeking to ride the next wave of growth should steer clear of "a one size fits all" approach. To compete in what is an increasingly aggressive market, it is imperative to cater to the rapidly morphing consumer and business needs, persistently and consistently targeting the correct user segments," said Mercie Clement, Senior Analyst for Wireless and Mobility.</p>
<p>IDCs study, titled "Australia Smart Handheld Device 2006-2010 Forecast and Analysis: All the Small Things," reviews the 2005 SHD market and provides a five-year forecast. It also explores the developments in the mobile data market, carrier strategies and offerings. The future outlook on hardware and wireless technologies driving the SHD and mobile data markets in Australia is presented. This study provides essential guidance for industry players looking to capitalise on SHD market opportunities.</p>
<p>Key IDC findings include:
# In 2005, almost 1.2 million SHDs were shipped in Australia, representing a 92% year-on-year growth. Converged devices accounted for about 91% of all shipments during the year.
# IDC expects the Australian SHD market to experience robust growth over the next few years, with almost 2.7 million units shipped by 2010. Converged devices will account for the bulk of the growth, while PDAs will continue to contract in shipment terms throughout the entire forecast period.
# The SHD market will experience heightened competition, and mobile carriers and device vendors will be scrambling for user mind-share, which hopefully also translates to stronger market share. More needs to be done in promoting and extolling the features and functionality of SHDs and the related hard and soft benefits accrued to the user. Multimodality, robust storage options, and fast processors are some of the winning features that will convince adopters that their purchase decision was the right choice.
# Device vendors should focus on partnering with not only the mobile carriers but also explore opportunities to collaborate with a wider range of stakeholders that may include software developers and even content providers, to bring to market stronger end-to-end solutions.
# Mobile carriers should set themselves up as the business solutions provider to harness the opportunities in the commercial space, whilst also offering well-crafted voice and data plans.</p>
<p>If you would like further information or to purchase IDC research, please contact Gary Clarke, IDC Associate VP of Sales via email or phone 02 9925 2226.</p>
<p>For press enquiries please contact:
Mercie Clement
Senior Analyst, Wireless &amp; Mobility
Phone: 61 2 9925 2258
<p>Jerson Yau
Research Analyst, Wireless &amp; Mobility
Phone: 61 2 9925 2205
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