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Most Australians Are Still Clueless about 3G Mobile Technology, Finds IDC

  • 12 September, 2005 14:18

<p>NORTH SYDNEY, September 12th, 2005 – IDC's latest research into the Australian consumer mobile market reveals that, in light of the looming nationwide introduction of 3G services, the vast majority of Australians still have no clear idea about 3G mobile technology.</p>
<p>"As 3G was introduced locally more than two years ago, IDC's latest findings are discouraging but hardly come as a surprise considering 3G has been strongly associated with cheap voice calls in the past 12 months," said Warren Chaisatien, IDC Australia's research manager for wireless solutions.</p>
<p>"Mobile phone use in lieu of the landline within the Australian home is making rapid inroads, thanks to the ever-declining mobile call costs and the wide availability of mobile capped plans. Almost one in three phone calls from the average Australian home are now made from mobiles. Higher incidences of landline substitution occur among subscribers of mobile-only carriers, such as Vodafone and Hutchison," added Mr Chaisatien.</p>
<p>These findings form part of a new IDC study, titled "Phone a Friend: Australian Consumer Wireless Usage and Preferences, 2005." Based on two IDC consumer surveys conducted earlier this year, the study explores the impacts of capped plans on mobile usage behaviour, telecom bundles, handset feature preferences, and churn drivers. It also uncovers consumer readiness for emerging technologies, including interest in future mobile applications and fixed-to-mobile convergence.</p>
<p>Other key findings from the IDC study include:</p>
<p>• Of the estimated 11.64 million consumer mobile users at the end of 2004, 90% belonged to Australia’s four major network operators.</p>
<p>• One-half of the mobile phones currently used are camera equipped, one-quarter have MP3 playback functionality, and one-fifth have built-in radio technology.</p>
<p>• Perceptions of 3G among those aware of the technology are highly fragmented. Nonetheless, their propensity to adopt 3G services is very high.</p>
<p>• There are opportunities in targeting light mobile users, adding flexibility to capped plans, capitalising on the bundle "sweet spot", clearly positioning and differentiating mobile content portals, and streamlining device convergence.</p>
<p>For press enquiries please contact:
Warren Chaisatien
Research Manager, Wireless &amp; Mobility
Phone: 61 2 9925 2256
Jerson Yau
Associate Analyst
Phone: 61 2 9925 2205</p>
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